Table Order

Our table order system allows you to take orders at the table via tablet the software is based on Android device you can use a Bluetooth printer the Android app is compatible with all Epson TM model you can use Bluetooth or usb you can create many tables as you want on the system everytime you take a order.

Delivery Order

Our delivery system it is easy for anyone to use you can use a tablet or a desk top model touch screen it is very simple to use if you have your customer details saved in the system all you need to do search via post code or telephone number and then customer information will show

Take Away Order

Takeaway system is very unique you can create your category example if you have a waiting customer you can make your category as waiting so when the bill is printed out your chef knows which one is waiting customer and which one is collection and which is a table order

Different types of Reports

In any mode of Point of sales system, offers to prepare many kind of Reports based on required review. To short list / view all order based on status, it allows restaurants to view in various mode like New order, Order in process,Table order, Take way order etc.

Daily Order Summery

Order summary describe the all order items name, price, free item, unit price , quantity, and total amount. Also this panel provides Notes to every product to denote additional information while deliver.Finally receipt will have payment mode and order type etc.

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